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Ewe Can Count!
Ewe Can Count is a fun and engaging iOS game designed to teach your child to count. The teaching technique used in the game was designed in conjunction with an early childhood educator who has over 40 years of experience.

There are two modes of play. In the Learn mode, your child will be taught how to count, learning to associate numbers with objects. In Quiz mode, your child will get a chance to practice their counting skills. Through out the game, your child will receive positive feedback as they successfully accomplish the game's goals.

Ewe Can Count has several whimsical themes available that provide variety of entertaining scenarios to reinforce the basics of counting with your child. Furthermore, the game can teach your child to count in multiple languages.

Ewe Can Count is a universal iOS app, working just as well on the iPad as the iPhone. Ewe Can Count is FREE to download, and can be upgraded with an in-app purchase.

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