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Claireware Software’s privacy policy is:

  1. All communications with Claireware Software will be held in confidence:
    • Any return e-mail address of e-mail messages sent to Claireware Software for the purposes of pre- or post-sale support of Claireware Software products will never sold to a third party.
    • The verbatim content of any e-mail will not be publicly distributed unless Claireware Software obtains your expressed permission.
  2. Claireware Software will not resell its customer list to a third party. However, the following third parties may be involved during any transaction with Claireware Software: Apple Computer, Linkshare. Each of these companies may have their own privacy policies concerning the data they collect during a sales transaction. Please visit their respective sites for more information.
  3. Your browsing activity while at this website, and only this website, may be monitored and analyzed by Claireware Software for the purposes of improving the website’s content. Claireware Software uses Google Analytics and Quantcast to power its site monitoring activities.
  4. Claireware Software uses Quantcast to help measure the usage of our mobile apps so we can better understand our audience. A full description of Quantcast’s online behavioral advertising and other data collection and use practices can be found in its Privacy Policy.
We like to think of this as a “common sense” privacy policy.
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