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iGNP is a light weight graphics novel and image book publisher for the iPhone and iPad. With iGNP, you can create your very own apps that you publish yourself. iGNP is perfect for publishing comic books, image portfolios, picture books, or even PDF-based books.

Key features of iGNP include:
  • Simple swiping gestures allows users to navigate from page to page, while pinching and tapping gestures allow users to zoom in on any particular page.
  • A thumbnail index view allows users to quickly find the page they wish to read.
  • A fully customizable Home and About views allows you control over your app's look and feel.
  • An optional web-based updates window that allows you to notify your users of new app releases, such as new chapters or even new novels, without requiring your apps to be resubmitted to the app store.
  • Custom features available upon request!

All you have to do to make your iGNP-based iPhone and iPad app is provide us with your creative assets, and we will build an iPhone and iPad app that you submit to the App Store yourself! No need for a complicated royalties arrangement, this will be your app that you exclusively own and profit from.

For more information, please contact us.
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