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I See Ewe


I See Ewe is a shape identification game targeted at preschool kids. Given that, the focus of the game is to teach your child how to recognize items and to learn the words associated with those items. The game designer made a conscious choice to not keep a score for any of the games as that concept is meaningless for the targeted age group of this game. Parents are highly encouraged to initially play this game with their child so that the child will learn the game’s mechanics from watching their parents play.

Home Screen

The home screen is what is presented to you when the game first starts up. Here you will find buttons for launch either the Learn Words or Memory Match games or to open the Options screen.

Learn Words Game

The Learn Words game challenges the player to find a specific shape amongst a collections of shapes. Note that the buttons on the home screen will adjust its wording depending on what your current game option is for the card set. When the game begins, the player will be instructed to find a specific shape whose name is printed on the plaque at the bottom of the screen. If the verbal instructions options is on, the player will also be told to find the shape. At this point, all the player has to do is tap on the shape they were instructed to find. If the player taps on the wrong shape, they will receive feedback that he selected shape was wrong. When the player taps on the correct shape, they will receive affirmative feedback for finding the correct shape. If the game is being played with the animal card set, the animal’s sound will be played instead. At this point, a new game will be started with a new target shape selected.

At anytime, the player may return to the home screen by pressing on the red X in the upper right hand corner of the game’s window.

Memory Match Game

The Match Shapes game is a simple “reveal and find the other” type game. To play, the player simply taps on any of the unrevealed cards. It will flip over, revealing a particular shape. Th player should then tap on another card to reveal it. If the second card matches the first, the player will receive positive feedback and the two cards will be removed from play. If the second card does not match the first, both the cards will be flipped back to their unrevealed state. The game is over when all the cards have been matched and removed from the screen. At this time, the player will receive positive feedback on their success, and a new game will be started with a different combination of cards.

At anytime, the player may return to the home screen by pressing on the red X in the upper right hand corner of the game’s window.


I See Ewe has several options you may use to customize the playing experience. They are:

Card Set - Permits the selection of a specific collection of items to be used for either the Learn Words of the Memory Match games. Currently, I See Ewe has the following card sets: Geometric Shapes, Colors, Animals, and Household Objects.

  • You can edit the contents of a specific card set by tap the disclosure button to the right of the card set’s name. A card list editing view will be displayed where you can deactivate a specific card by simply unchecking it.

Card Size - Controls the difficulty of the game for the player. The larger the card, the less cards will be present for both the Learn Words and the Memory Match games, making the game easier for the player by presenting less choices.

Game Options - There are several options that affect the way the game plays:
  • Verbal Prompts - If activated, the player will be prompted audibly by a voice telling them what they should do next. If deactivated, the player will receive no verbal prompts. You should deactivate verbal prompts when your child is ready to use only the sight words in the Learn Words game to identify the correct item.
  • Enable Vibration - If activated, the iPhone will vibrate when incorrect choices are made during any of the games.
  • Show Cards At Start - If activated, the matching game will reveal the locations of all the cards at the start of the game. The cards will be revealed for up to 10 seconds, or when the player taps anywhere in the game view.

Language - Sets the language which I See Ewe’s games are played in. Setting a language does not affect the language the Options view is displayed in; only your iPhone global language setting will affect that.

You may have to scroll the options page by swiping vertically to see all of the available options.

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