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O'Reilly Best iPhone App

An increasing number of iPhone games on the market are aimed at young children.  Several games are taking the place of the traditional flashcards that early childhood educators have used to teach children numbers, letters and colors. I See Ewe is one that does it really well. In fact, I See Ewe by Claireware is a well-developed, value-for-money product that should be an example for other developers looking at entering this application market. Review: Early Childhood iPhone App Says 'I See Ewe'GeekDad (Wired), Feb 2009

The developer of I See Ewe clearly used some tried and true games as a starting point in designing Match Items and Learning Words, but regardless, I See Ewe still managed to take something old and make it new. Review: Something old, now new, with I See, Dec 2008

Want to teach your child the meaning of words? I See Ewe is the perfect game for you. It is an education game for pre-school learners that makes great use of various learning methodologies and cognitive approaches. Review: Innovative use of cognitive technologies to make your child familiar with words and, Feb 2009

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